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Anti-theft devices for motorcycles

Let’s say right away that two wheels are a necessity but also and above all a passion. A passion that is not too cheap because, whether it is a scooter or a motorcycle, the prices of these means of locomotion are increasingly close to those of small machines.

The problem of the theft of two wheels has different effects in the various Italian regions, however, is widespread and difficult to combat.

The deterrent means that can be used are those known and range from the disc lock, the chain, the most advanced satellite burglar alarm.

Buying the most suitable motorcycle for our needs is inevitable even if we own a box or garage for the night shelter of the vehicle.

The pitfalls arise everywhere, even during the day and unfortunately also during shortstops in the city center.

Many people think that it is a waste of time to put a blockadisco for a single hour of shopping at the mall. Instead, those 10 seconds can be worth the full price of our bike.

We would also like to point out that many insurance companies are not prepared to pay full compensation for theft if it is not shown that they have adequately protected the vehicle with an anti-theft system.

The advice, therefore, is not to be taken in by laziness and to always insure our motorcycle before we leave.

Before proceeding with the purchase of our burglar alarm we can take our cue from reading this short article that evaluates the characteristics, pros and cons of the main motorcycle burglars currently on the market.

Satellite burglar alarm for motorcycles

The heated debate on the effectiveness and efficiency of the satellite burglar alarm is continuing at a fast pace. It seemed to be the solution to all the problems but, over time, it has revealed some weaknesses that are still unresolved from a technological point of view.

The mechanism behind the satellite burglar alarm is to place a “black box” inside the bike and then connect the card and the GPS signal to other devices such as, for example, our mobile phone.

The sensors connected to the “black box” are programmed to detect a series of parameters of the bike and when these are altered, a signal, or warning message, is sent to the connected device.

The main limit of the system is the GPS, which may not receive a signal or be deliberately shielded, thus being totally useless.

However, the device has some advantages. To begin with, it is an excellent deterrent and could really help us to find the stolen bike.

But most of all, the incentive to buy this system is in the reduction of insurance costs. The price ranges to buy one range from 50 euros up and the installation can almost always be done independently.

Let’s not forget to carry out the preliminary tests before considering it perfectly installed.

Disc lock

The disc lock is the most popular system thanks to its small size and practicality of use. It is a type of padlock with cylinders to measure the hole in the disc that, once positioned and closed, blocks the movement of the wheels.

It can be put on and off in just a few seconds and its size allows it to be carried anywhere, the smaller models also fit comfortably in the trouser pockets.

It’s always a key system and easy to hack for a theft professional. Recently, an Italian company patented a magnetic disc lock with built-in soundproofing.

The mechanism is the same as the traditional one but there are no keys that can open it so much that they are not even sold with the device. The “key” is a small magnetic device that, when placed next to the lock, can intervene on the internal systems to open it.

The disadvantage of the disc lock is that the bike can be lifted and loaded onto another vehicle without intervening on the protection system.

Chains for motorcycles

Let’s move on to the oldest system that has always combined all the advantages of the anti-theft devices seen up to now, the chain for motorcycles.

Now on the market there are several sizes and features. You can choose chains with built-in padlock or removable.

Another element to consider before choosing one is the material with which the chain is made.

The most resistant is hardened and case-hardened steel. This mix offers good mechanical resistance to cutting and breaking.

Among the peculiarities of some models we would like to point out the chains with the so-called “loop” ends. One of the two end rings is slightly longer to allow us to pass one ring through the other. This creates a bottleneck that eliminates the space needed to insert a lever to break the padlock.

Compatible with the characteristics of the bike, we prefer the choice of a chain with a beautiful wide section, from 10 mm up.

The chain, as we have seen, works with the same principle as the wheel lock but allows us to tie our vehicle to fixed and immovable objects such as light poles or railings. In this way the bike can not be lifted and taken away on another vehicle.

The disadvantage of the chain is that its dimensions make it, in some cases, an object difficult to carry. Think of all those bikes that have no space under the saddle or are without a pannier or side bags. We should carry a chain in the bag or backpack, shouldering several kilos.

In the hope of finding ourselves soon to evaluate the effectiveness of a new burglar alarm for motorcycles that finally solves all the problems seen together, we recommend to always adopt prudent and preventive behavior not renouncing the purchase of a good burglar alarm for motorcycles, choosing from those that, for the moment, are available on the market and maybe deciding to use more than one.

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