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Arched padlock for motorcycles

Unfortunately, in the reality in which we live, where thefts are a very frequent occurrence, it is the case to be equipped with tools that make it at least more difficult, for thieves, the attempt to steal a motorcycle.

Among the most used anti-theft devices there is the arched padlock, a very useful deterrent against theft, considering also that an attacker should lose much more time, to try to take away a bike that has a padlock installed. In addition, the arched padlock is much more practical to handle than a traditional chain padlock, being a single piece that should not be rolled up for storage.

The arched padlock for motorcycles

The rigid arc U-shaped padlock (also known as bloster or U-lock), is a mechanical burglar alarm, among the most used for motorcycles.

It is a very useful system, which offers a high degree of security, even its solid appearance discourages theft, suggesting a high resistance compared to any attempt to break into. There are different types of arched padlocks on the market, of different sizes and weights; a well made product must be manufactured and finished with materials of excellent quality.

As for the mechanism, a padlock built according to appropriate criteria must not have a very visible play between the various parts: between the arc and the body, between the body and the barrel, between the pistons and the key. In fact, an arch that is not stable enough lends itself to being violated more easily.

How to install the arc padlock

An arched padlock, which is suitable for the purpose for which it was designed, must not be difficult to use; in fact, one of the characteristics that makes its use so widespread is precisely the ease and speed with which it is installed, in addition to the resistance to shocks and any tampering.

It must be positioned taking care not to leave much space inside the arc, which could encourage the introduction of a lever or a jack, to force it.

Moreover, it is much easier to cut with cutters, if it touches the ground, as it offers a point of support, so it is good that the padlock is positioned so as to remain suspended. The elongated shape of the arched padlock makes it possible to insert a braking disc into the empty spaces; in this way it will also be easy to remove it.

It is possible to lock the wheel, with the arched padlock, also by passing it through the fork or the swinging arm. To open (and close) an arched padlock, simply insert the supplied key into the lock and turn it over; then remove the arc to be fixed to the bike.

The ideal way to install an arc padlock is to position it by fixing the bike to an external support that acts as an anchor point, but it is not always possible, because of the size of the arc in length, which could prove too short for this type of solution. A very interesting service, offered by some companies that sell the burglar alarm system, is the one that allows you to download, via the Internet, the instructions for the installation of the product, simply by entering, in a search field prepared, the number of the article purchased and its code.

The materials of the arc padlock

The strength of an arc padlock in terms of security is undoubtedly its high resistance to arc cutting due to its large thickness. This corresponds to the real function of the tool only if it is made of materials suitable for the purpose.

The body of the padlock, for example, must be made of hardened steel or brass; if it were made of iron or light alloys, despite the size of the arc, it would be easy enough to cut, in case of theft.

With regard to the arc, which is the part of the tool most exposed to the attempt to burglary, the best material with which it can be produced is steel, hardened and cemented. Hardening is what increases its mechanical strength, and consists of bringing the metal to high temperatures, and then cool it quickly.

The cementation of the surface, on the other hand, serves to improve its resistance to cutting and is carried out with a carbon enrichment of the surface itself. The more resistant padlocks have an arc with a square section, so as to provide greater resistance to the blades of a shear, which can more easily cut a round section; in fact, for an arc of this kind, it is necessary to cut in two points, to be able to remove it, rather than on a single point, as for circular shapes.

A quality product is made with an arc of adequate size (not less than 16 mm) and with very resistant materials: The internal mechanism must also be manufactured to withstand tearing.

Together with the resistance that a padlock shows against break-in attempts, it is important that it is also guaranteed to last over time, so that, in addition to the hardening and cementing process, chemical treatments are carried out; copper plating prepares the material for the subsequent nickel plating, followed by chrome plating: in this way, the arc padlock is given resistance against oxidation and corrosion.

It is important that the arched padlock is placed so as to make the lock difficult to reach, being a weak point of any type of anti-theft device of this kind, as it lends itself to being violated with some ease, especially if it is in a position to allow you to settle a blow of the hammer. The safest lock for an arched padlock is the one with a tubular shape, which makes it very difficult to drill.

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