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Best motorcycle boots: guide to buying

Choosing one of the best motorcycle boots currently on the market is not an easy task considering the wide and varied catalog of models available online. In addition, each of these boots is distinguished by a series of structural features that in fact go to diversify the increasingly wide and articulated offer.

What are the best models of motorcycle touring boots?

1. Motorcycle Boots Model Protectwear

This model of touring motorcycle boots is particularly popular for its shape and design, but especially for the materials with which they were made. They are half-height motorcycle boots characterized by two zippers to facilitate the footwear and the removal of the same after using them. They stand out for their water-repellent character. As for its materials: they are covered externally with leather. These boots are available for these sizes: 41,42,43,44,45,46,47, whereas for the 43 a total height of 23 cm is expected, together with that of the sole of 21 cm. In its totality this model weighs 1.9 Kg. What struck us most was the comfort they provide despite the massive structure. They are able to keep your feet warm without making them sweat.

Ideal: for those who are looking for an attractive model in shape and design, but above all that is extremely efficient in terms of safety and comfort.

Strengths: If you use the bike at night you will notice that there are many reflective bands perfect for traveling with poor lighting conditions. Therefore, although they are not very beautiful to look at during the day, they are useful at night.

Weaknesses: Among its limits, there is a low smoothness in the fit due to a side zip a little too rigid and because of the material with which it has been coated on the outside. For this purpose, we recommend a waxing pass to facilitate the footwear.

The offer seems to us advantageous not so much for the minimal difference with its factory price, but for its actual potential in terms of performance. The reduced smoothness mentioned above is compensated with a proven practicality of use

2. Motorcycle Boots Model XTRM 801

This model stands out for its excellent price/performance ratio which is combined with other improvements really interesting as its breathable character thus ensuring a more comfortable footwear in many respects. These boots are really good and are particularly recommended for those who practice motorcycle tourism because of its typical measures of this type of touring activity (from heel to top of boots is 10/Half inch “or 27 cm by 28 cm). A separate chapter should be dedicated to the design of the resistant tread whose presence raises the stakes.

Ideal: for those looking for a water-resistant model that is particularly comfortable thanks to its padded backrest. In addition, this product makes the instep more flexible.

Strengths: this model is characterized by numerous protections such as the ankle or toe reinforced to ensure a good level of performance.

Weak points: the presence of different protection systems can negatively affect its weight and therefore its lightness. Surely this model is one of the safest in circulation, but in some circumstances the foot appears heavier. The above mentioned comfort is assured up to a certain point. If you hold the boot for a longer time than its use you will notice immediately that it tightens a little too much. For this reason, you need to choose a larger size than the actual size of your feet so as not to be caged and thus compromising the freedom of movement at the wheel of the bike.

Available sizes: EU 37 – UK 3 and EU 47 – UK 13

3. Motorcycle touring boots Model A-PRO

This model of motorcycle touring boots is of high quality as can be seen from its structure made of materials with proven resistance. From the aesthetic point of view they have an ergonomic design and rounded but above all reinforced tips. To increase the anti-slip effect, the notched tread soles are structured differently than the boots of the same category. This model is compatible for these sizes: foot length (28cm) – feet (10.2cm).

Ideal: for those who are looking for a safer model but above all more manageable and practical to use. They fit perfectly as a product capable of guaranteeing maximum grip.

Strengths: stands out for its valid and special protections on the tibia, heel and ankle. Also inside, to promote a feeling of comfort, we will find particularly comfortable polyester padding to make a motorcycle ride enjoyable.

Weaknesses: the side zip closure does not ensure maximum efficiency as shown by the numerous feedbacks released on the product sheet inserted on the official Amazon website. Among its limitations, there are also some flaws from a structural point of view, given that according to some users, after a few hours in motion, the rubber of the boots is consumed. With regard to this report, we can simply state that everything depends on the relative maintenance, which determines the durability of the product over time.

Available sizes: 40,41,42,43,44,45,16

Consequently, choosing the most suitable model for your needs can be difficult if you are not familiar with the product and more general with the world of motorcycles. In such a context it is difficult to understand what can be an advantage or what is instead to be considered a weak point. To overcome this possible confusion, especially among newbies, we decided to come and meet you by offering you a list with the best models on the known Amazon e-commerce platform. Each was presented with a detailed and complete description.

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