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Choose the motorcycle helmet

The helmet is the first safety device to be purchased, it is really essential (as well as required by law) to preserve your body and especially your head

First you have to choose a helmet based on the use you make of the bike, in the city, outside the city, we use the bike for long trips or for a few kilometers.

Once you have identified the main use of our bike there is an important question to be answered:

Which helmet to choose: integral, modular or Jet?

As we said above, it is very important to consider the use you make of the bike.

The full-face helmet offers the best protection ever and is also suitable for those who travel at speeds above 80 Km / h. The full-face helmet also protects from wind and insects and from the noise that is created at high speeds.

Then we have the Jet Helmet, which is suitable for city routes. The jet helmet, unlike the full face helmet, leaves the chin part uncovered and is certainly more comfortable to wear and less bulky, but it may not completely protect your face in case of impact.

How do we know if a helmet is actually safe?

  • the equation costs a lot and is definitely the best is not always linear, but there is a method to understand if your helmet meets the strictest safety standards
  • The SHARP (Safety Helmet and Assessment Rating Programme) is a programme of the British Ministry of Transport that assesses the reliability of helmets.
  • To understand it is a very similar initiative you have EuroNCAP tests that assessed the resistance of cars on crash-tests
  • The tests performed by SHARP are many and very strict for each model of helmet are performed 32 tests on 7 specimens (of different sizes) of the model of helmet chosen.
  • Impact tests are carried out at different speeds and once the tests are completed the results are released indicating a number of stars (from one to 5) ranging from sufficient protection (one star) to the best overall protection in case of 5 stars out of 5

The full face helmet:

The full-face helmet is the most complete solution for your safety, not only because it is a mandatory accessory to circulate, but it is important to choose the right helmet and perfect for your motorbike trips and without neglecting safety

The full face helmet is important that it is homologated

The main features of the full-face helmet for motorcycles

Of full face helmets there are many models, colors and prices it is important that you choose the right size, the helmet should not be neither too tight but you will not have to hear him dancing

The homologation is very important for the choice of a full face helmet. It is necessary to check the most recent European homologation, because homologations are always evolving precisely to increase the safety of motorcyclists.

The homologation of the full face helmet has an acronym that to date is the ECE 22-05, it is important that you evaluate this parameter when buying a helmet.

other important features for the helmet are:

  • The materials: the helmet shell is essential in case of bumps, as it is responsible for ‘shock absorption. The shell can be made of carbon fiber, glass fiber or kevlar
  • The closure: the closure of the full face helmet is of two types: either quick release or double D rings, even in this case you need to see which way you use your bike
  • The padding: which can be fixed or removable, in the latter case is very convenient to wash it and sanitize the helmet inside
  • The weight of the helmet: clearly the lighter helmet is more comfortable, in theory it should not exceed 1500 grams because then especially on long journeys can tire the neck

The size of the helmet:

This is a parameter that must be taken seriously for both your comfort and your safety. The helmet that moves when you turn at a crossroads to check the arrival of vehicles from right to left is a sign that the size of your helmet is too large. On the contrary, a helmet that tightens your temples and face is not your size and after a while you will feel really tight.

The helmet must fit perfectly, it is important that the padding is not too tight on the cheekbones and not too tight on the temples as a parameter is right that the opening of the helmet is a little above the eyebrows.

The Adventure helmet:

The Adventure helmet is a variant of the full face helmet designed specifically for those who practice motocross.

This model, which fully protects the head and has a glass that can prevent splashes of water from dirtying it excessively or that the glass itself fades, are very light and practical to use and offer the opportunity to practice this type of sport without great difficulty.

The integrated sunshade also offers the opportunity to avoid the sunlight, or that of street lamps that illuminate a dirt road, can cause discomfort to the view of the motorcyclist, although at high speeds or in conditions where the wind blows strong, this curtain could create some small problem for the user.

The modular helmet:

The modular helmet is a perfect mix between a full face helmet and a jet helmet, manages to combine comfort and safety

It is perfect for use in the city or for excursions outside the city.

On the one hand you will have the opportunity to protect, completely and safely, the entire head and at the same time a good portion of the neck, while on the other hand the lightness of the materials, the ability to lift the visor and the opportunity to remove the padding are all features that increase the comfort of this model of helmet, second only to the full one in terms of safety.

The modular helmet can provide you with good soundproofing and a relatively light weight.

There are really many models of this type of helmet, different weights, different materials and different models is important to choose the right one for your use

The Jet helmet:

This type of helmet is designed for the needs of the city, that is, it is suitable for all those who drive at low speeds and who want to have a good degree of protection.

Characterized by the presence of the visor, which can be easily lifted during the summer, this particular model of helmet is characterized by being less resistant than the full face, so not as safe as you might think at first.

The choice must therefore fall on the possibility of having a less heavy and bulky tool on the head, the lightness can be detrimental to safety.

Compared to heavier types of helmets such as full face or modular, the helmet Jet leaves uncovered the lower part of the face, jaw, but it is not necessarily necessary to have a frontal collision.

These are all the different types of helmet models, which are distinguished by unique technical features that can turn them into ideal tools for any occasion, although the full and modular models are the best in terms of safety.

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