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How to choose motorcycle bags: features and models

For lovers of two wheels, the choice of motorcycle bags is always a very important moment, especially when you are planning long trips such as summer vacations. In fact, there are different types of motorcycle luggage on the market and, in order to be sure to use those really suitable for your needs, it is important to consider different aspects. Rigid, semi-rigid, soft, motorcycle side bags have different characteristics that make them more or less adaptable to various types of motorcycles, without forgetting the aspects related to the frame, ease of installation and resistance. Let’s discover some of the best solutions to leave safely with a complete luggage.

Important Features of Motorcycle Bags

When you have to buy a motorcycle bag, there are several aspects to consider in order not to fall into a wrong purchase. One of the first points to consider is precisely the type of motorcycle on which the bag will be mounted: all motorcycles can be equipped with side best quality cases, but if for a road enduro are more suitable rigid, naked and sport touring bags are better suited for use with soft or semi-rigid bags.

Once considered this point, you can then go into more detail of the individual products, going to evaluate the capacity of the bag, the material with which it is made, but also the system of attachment to the bike. If we are planning long trips that require more substantial luggage, the choice will necessarily fall on the most capacious motorcycle bags, perhaps equipped with different pockets both inside and outside, which will allow us to comfortably carry everything we need, from spare parts to clothing to accessories for taking pictures and so on. From the point of view of materials, however, it is important to consider that not all motorcycle bags are waterproof, so be careful to choose the right model if you plan to move in rainy periods or, however, to be able to come into contact with water easily.

Soft Motorcycle Side Bags: Advantages

Soft motorcycle side bags are definitely the lightest and easiest to install and, for this reason, are often preferred to travel in a more comfortable way. The main advantages of this type of bag are linked to the reduced weight, the lower cost compared to rigid suitcases and the ease of assembly and disassembly, however, the disadvantages also relate to these same aspects: soft bags are in fact more easily subject to theft, precisely because they can be removed with extreme ease, and, except for the use of special stronger materials and special covers, generally do not ensure perfect waterproofing.

Among the soft motorcycle bags you can find different models, which can also be purchased at quite affordable prices, well below 100 The SHAD SL20F, for example, is a motorcycle tank bag of excellent quality, with 20-30 liters capacity, reflective elements to increase safety and a top compartment for maps, tablet, GPS, with touch screen. It is fastened by straps fixed to the frame and handlebars.

With amounts just over 100 instead, you can instead take home excellent side bags, such as the SHAD SL58, which allow you to reach higher capacity than tank bags (46-58 liters, with the possibility of expansion) and to have several accessories for a safer fixing and transport always comfortable.

Aluminium Motorcycle Cases: Advantages

Different is the speech with regard to aluminum cases for motorcycles and rigid bags. The main advantage of these products is surely that of having a greater solidity and safety in transport phase, however these bags require the assembly of an auxiliary frame that is fixed permanently to the motorcycle, creating therefore a greater encumbrance and a higher weight also during the running phase. More waterproof than soft bags, rigid motorcycle cases can still let water in if the seals are not large enough, for this reason it may be advisable to use internal bags to protect more luggage.

In particular, aluminum motorcycle cases are called “panzer”: as you can imagine, they represent the most “extreme” solution from every point of view. On the one hand, these suitcases guarantee maximum strength and protection for luggage, on the other hand they reduce the aerodynamics of the vehicle, weigh a lot and do not present a particularly enviable aesthetics.

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