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Motoairbag: Airbag protector for motorcyclist

The Motoairbag® is an all-Italian product and is a device that can really save your life, but not only can it drastically reduce the damage caused by a collision

The Motoairbag® is an airbag system to be worn to ride a motorcycle, it is a wearable vest that in the event of a collision opens protecting the spine and of course also the organs from possible damage from impact.

There are various versions of Motoairbag® products and there are models that protect a larger area and not only the rear but also the chest.

The Motoairbag®

It is a pneumatic protection system, consisting of a protective bag that opens in case of need in 80/85 milliseconds

The Motoairbag® system is definitely a better system in terms of protection in the event of impacts than normal rigid devices.

This mechanical airbag in fact protects the body more completely from impacts more than normal back protectors and other devices that are very fast to wear, but in case of impact, all of us would like to be as protected as possible

How the Motoairbag® works

The Motoairbag® motorcycle airbag system has a mechanical recognition system.

A cable connected to the motorcycle and clearly connected to the airbag system continuously measures the distance between the rider and his motorcycle.

The mechanical and non-electronic system is certainly more reliable as it always works and even in situations of uncertainty.

The fact that it works even in situations of uncertainty certainly provides more complete protection, traumas are not always caused by the speed, but are often caused by what you hit regardless of the speed at which you hit

The mechanical solution is less expensive than much more complex and electronic systems, but the reliability is much higher.

The Motoairbag system is always active and requires no maintenance (except for an overhaul after 4 years).

In the event of an accident, the time between the collision of the motorcycle and the rider’s detachment occurs in the first 150 ms, then beyond 150 ms the rider collides with the vehicle.

The Motoairbag® opens in 80/85 ms and opens so quickly that it can anticipate the first impact of the body with surfaces that could cause damage.

When the airbag is inflated, the rider is protected at key points of the body.

The airbag will remain open for the next 30 seconds to protect the rider’s body from any shocks that may occur.

The Motoairbag® then deflates to allow the rescuers to intervene.

Motoairbag® certification

The Motoairbag® is a certified motorcycle airbag, there are also non-certified airbags on the market.

As of 2013, a standard for uniform testing of pr motorcycle airbags has been in force and is called EN1621/4:2013.

This certification was created to uniformly assess the validity of airbags in order to have a single standard and prevent each company testing its devices in a different way

These tests evaluate a number of device features such as materials, inflation time, impact tests, protection life time and deflation time

The motoairbag has obtained level 2 of EN1621/4:2013 certification because it has obtained an impact value of 1.4 kN which is an excellent result since the maximum permissible level for this type of protectors is 2.5 kN

On the purchased device you will find the label showing the certification passed by the Motoairbag® device.

Motoairbag® maintenance

The motoairbag can be recharged very easily by you or an authorized dealer.

The mother company sells the canisters to refill the device.

Caution: In the event of an impact or collision, the airbag must not be recharged as the airbag device may be damaged. In the event of a collision, it is advisable to have the device serviced by the parent company or by an authorised dealer. If the airbag has not been damaged, you can refill it by replacing the canister.

The airbag can be washed (only the fabric part) as it is possible to detach the actual airbag part from the fabric part only.

Motoairbag® models

The Motoairbag® product range ranges from entry level models such as the VZero to track rider airbags such as the VRace 2.0.

MAB vZero

The Motoairbag® vZero is a system that provides the airbag system at the back, in the event of an impact can protect the back, neck and coccyx

It is available in a single size and is adaptable to different sizes thanks to the shoulder straps and belt that makes it adaptable to different sizes and different types of jackets.

the MAB vZero is available in three fluo, Camo and Grey colour variants

The MAB vZero is made of Cordura, a very strong and light material.

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