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What are motorcycle intercoms?

Speed through curves and straights, with the wind in your face. The adrenaline of speed and a unique feeling of freedom, maintaining a link with the outside world, through an intercom for motorcycles.

Travelling on two wheels is all this and much more, including the ability to move with the essentials, with an eye to one’s own safety and that of others.

The latest generations of intercoms have precisely the objective of making the combination of “guidance and communication with the outside world” as safe as possible.

What are intercoms for motorbikes?

These are technological tools that allow the rider to communicate freely (in transmission or reception) with the passenger and possibly with the riders of other bikes using an intercom compatible with theirs.

The latest technologies allow the use of additional services, such as the connection (via Bluetooth system) to the smartphone for sending, rejecting and accepting calls, the connection to the navigator and radio.

Why buy the intercom?

Because during particularly long trips and in general when the bike is used daily, it may be useful to maintain communication with the outside world.

Secure communication. In this sense, motorcycle intercoms are designed to improve the quality of life of motorcyclists, allowing them to travel more comfortably and with more attention to the danger of having to be distracted to shout an indication, an information to the passenger.

Not to be underestimated is the possibility of connecting it to the navigator of the smartphone, avoiding distractions linked to trying to read the directions along the way.

How to choose the intercom for motorcycles

An intercom should be lightweight and comfortable in terms of key usability. It must have a good battery life, capable of lasting up to 7/8 hours in case of frequent use.

It is important to buy it at the time of purchase:

1) check the compatibility with the helmet,

2) check how many intercoms can be connected,

3) check the possibility of use while it is charging,

4) Ensure charging times,

5) note the distance up to which the signal is available (generally a maximum of 1 km and 200 m),

6) verify the maximum speed within which the sound is guaranteed (generally 120 km/h),

7) Make sure of the resistance to atmospheric agents,

8) Read any reviews.

How an intercom works for motorcycles

There are 3 types:

1) acoustic intercoms, i.e. those that allow you to speak through a simple cable/tube that connects the two helmets (pilot/passenger). The voice passes through this tube, without exploiting any type of technology and without the possibility of modulating the volume through the keys.

Cons: the quality of the voice in this intercom could be penalized by wind and external noise. This type of intercom constrains the freedom of movement of both rider and passenger. It is not possible to communicate with other bikes.

Pros: cheap and without power.

2) Wired or flush: these are intercoms connected to a control unit located on the bike. The connection between the control unit and the helmet, where the intercom is placed, is made through one or two wires. This instrumentation is equipped with volume keys.

The defects are: 1) being bound by the wire, 2) the need to pay attention to the risk of cable breakage, 3) not being able to communicate with other bikes. They are powered directly from the motorcycle, so there is no risk of battery exhaustion. When the motorcycle is switched off, the intercoms are also switched off.

3) Bluethooth, that is the evolution of the wire intercom and therefore the latest generation of data transmitters through a wireless network. Through this instrumentation it is possible to communicate with the passenger and other motorcycles, even in conference calls.

These intercoms have a half-cable rechargeable battery that can last for even a day, in case of sporadic use. They can be connected to the phone for sending, rejecting or accepting calls. You can listen to music and receive directions from the navigator, through a GPS system.

At the time of purchase it is advisable to check the reception range of the signal, to understand within what distance you can keep “contact” with other bikes. This type of intercom is among the most purchased also because it allows greater freedom of movement, in addition to the many functions.

How do I mount an intercom?

Regardless of the type, the intercom is mounted on the helmet, also influencing the weight. The sound quality will be better in the intercoms applied under the chin guard, compared to those with external microphone.

At the time of purchase, depending on the type chosen, the following must be fitted: the articular, the microphone and any control unit.

What functions does it guarantee?

It depends on the model and the technology.

The best intercoms have:

1) Send/Receive/Reject button;

2) GPS system for connection to maps and location;

3) reception and sharing of music also with the passenger.

Some types have a system that guarantees a clear voice, through the cleaning of external noises (wind, traffic, etc.).

Is it dangerous to receive/send calls or instructions from the navigator?

The goal of purchasing a motorcycle intercom is to be able to communicate or listen to directions, in full compliance with the Highway Code, without endangering their own life and that of others. Using an intercom means communicating intelligently, without causing distractions.

What is the cost of doing this?

On the market you can find intercoms of Chinese invoice from 15 euros, up to the top of the range that cost several hundred euros.

The choice of intercom depends on many factors: frequency of use of the bike, budget and need.

If the bike is used daily, then the best solution is to buy a quality product, the cost of which will be amortized over time, from a serenity in driving the vehicle with greater security.

Safety means avoiding mobile phones stuck in the helmet as still seen in the streets of the city or communicate with gestures, risking distractions.

More information:

Intercoms with the Bluetooth system require updating via PC connection.

This instrument also has a shutdown function for those situations in which you prefer to focus on driving, for example on particularly complex routes.

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The motorcycle cover sheet

Every self-respecting motorcyclist loves their bike, for this reason it is essential to have a motorcycle cover sheet of excellent quality to cope with the winter weather and protect the bike from dirt but also from possible damage more or less serious that may result from an uncovered winter.

Given the variety of products on the market, there are many people who do not know how to orient themselves in choosing the best cloth to choose for the appropriate motorcycle, here is some useful advice.

The motorcycle cover to preserve the bike

The wisest choice during the winter period is to protect your bike with a high quality tarpaulin that allows you to repair the vehicle not only from the weather, but also from possible scratches to the body or mechanical damage caused by the cold.

To ensure the best results, manufacturers offer different types of motorcycle covers on the market, all more or less resistant, but with different main characteristics to meet the needs of many customers. The basic characteristics of the sheet are only two, first of all the resistance, the sheet must last throughout the winter season, protecting the vehicle from the weather, not only rain and wind, but also hail or snow that can corrode the body and paint of the motorcycle causing very expensive damage.

The sheet, possibly plush inside, must protect the bike from possible impacts, because often the winter shelter is a busy home and it is possible that someone can pass near it.

Very small objects such as twigs broken by the wind, can cause irreparable damage to the bike if not adequately protected by a good quality cloth.

The cloth plush inside is certainly one of the most recommended, regardless of the characteristics sought because it allows you to protect the bike from scratches during the assembly of the same.

Given the various models, it is essential to establish first of all a budget to filter all possible alternatives on the market, so as to be oriented to the models appropriate to the price established.

Then, depending on the type of bike, the problems to which it must be protected and the place where it will be stored, the main characteristics that the fabric must necessarily have can be identified.

Outdoor motorbike cover

The outdoor motorcycle cover sheet must have only one essential characteristic, which is resistance.

When you decide to leave your bike during the winter in an outdoor environment, you have to invest a large sum in the purchase of a high quality motorcycle cover that protects the vehicle from the weather, the wind but also the sun, and must therefore be very durable.

Usually this type of motorcycle covers are too rigid, to ensure high protection from the cold, this feature can lead during assembly to scratch the body unknowingly. When you buy an outdoor compression sheet, it is better to choose the model that has a soft coating inside to protect from scratches but also from the cold.

Prefer those models that also protect against UV rays, as these can damage the painting of the bike, and make sure that the size of the sheet is sufficient to cover the entire bike, including wheels. The best motorcycle covers must have more features: be waterproof, protect from UV rays and, not least, be easy to install.

The assembly phase is often neglected, but it is extremely important.

Some sheets, in fact, are not equipped with elastic bands and carabiners or weights that keep them still throughout the winter, so at the first gust of wind they are damaged exposing the bike to the elements. Therefore, make sure you prefer those models that can be well anchored to the bike, preserving it in excellent condition.

Rigid motorbike cover

The model of rigid motorcycle cover is often called rigid garage, it is a model of very strong cloth, suitable for those who do not have a place inside where to shelter the period during the bad season and run for cover buying this model.

Not always, the rigid motorcycle cover is the best solution, as it takes up a lot of space and if it is not mounted well following the instructions to the letter can fall damaging the body of the bike or even causing it to fall.

Essential feature of these sheets buy rigid motorcycles is the resistance, they must be waterproof and also protect from UV rays, you do not need the lining, because if mounted well, the sheet will not go to touch the bike.

This is a real box that can protect the bike from all kinds of danger, suitable for areas most affected by bad weather.

This model is certainly recommended for those who are forced to leave the bike outside in places not very sheltered, because it can protect it from any damage, less suitable for those who do not have so much space available or have a fairly protected shelter. The rigid motorcycle cover has a rather high cost justified by the quality of the product.

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Choose the motorcycle helmet

The helmet is the first safety device to be purchased, it is really essential (as well as required by law) to preserve your body and especially your head

First you have to choose a helmet based on the use you make of the bike, in the city, outside the city, we use the bike for long trips or for a few kilometers.

Once you have identified the main use of our bike there is an important question to be answered:

Which helmet to choose: integral, modular or Jet?

As we said above, it is very important to consider the use you make of the bike.

The full-face helmet offers the best protection ever and is also suitable for those who travel at speeds above 80 Km / h. The full-face helmet also protects from wind and insects and from the noise that is created at high speeds.

Then we have the Jet Helmet, which is suitable for city routes. The jet helmet, unlike the full face helmet, leaves the chin part uncovered and is certainly more comfortable to wear and less bulky, but it may not completely protect your face in case of impact.

How do we know if a helmet is actually safe?

  • the equation costs a lot and is definitely the best is not always linear, but there is a method to understand if your helmet meets the strictest safety standards
  • The SHARP (Safety Helmet and Assessment Rating Programme) is a programme of the British Ministry of Transport that assesses the reliability of helmets.
  • To understand it is a very similar initiative you have EuroNCAP tests that assessed the resistance of cars on crash-tests
  • The tests performed by SHARP are many and very strict for each model of helmet are performed 32 tests on 7 specimens (of different sizes) of the model of helmet chosen.
  • Impact tests are carried out at different speeds and once the tests are completed the results are released indicating a number of stars (from one to 5) ranging from sufficient protection (one star) to the best overall protection in case of 5 stars out of 5

The full face helmet:

The full-face helmet is the most complete solution for your safety, not only because it is a mandatory accessory to circulate, but it is important to choose the right helmet and perfect for your motorbike trips and without neglecting safety

The full face helmet is important that it is homologated

The main features of the full-face helmet for motorcycles

Of full face helmets there are many models, colors and prices it is important that you choose the right size, the helmet should not be neither too tight but you will not have to hear him dancing

The homologation is very important for the choice of a full face helmet. It is necessary to check the most recent European homologation, because homologations are always evolving precisely to increase the safety of motorcyclists.

The homologation of the full face helmet has an acronym that to date is the ECE 22-05, it is important that you evaluate this parameter when buying a helmet.

other important features for the helmet are:

  • The materials: the helmet shell is essential in case of bumps, as it is responsible for ‘shock absorption. The shell can be made of carbon fiber, glass fiber or kevlar
  • The closure: the closure of the full face helmet is of two types: either quick release or double D rings, even in this case you need to see which way you use your bike
  • The padding: which can be fixed or removable, in the latter case is very convenient to wash it and sanitize the helmet inside
  • The weight of the helmet: clearly the lighter helmet is more comfortable, in theory it should not exceed 1500 grams because then especially on long journeys can tire the neck

The size of the helmet:

This is a parameter that must be taken seriously for both your comfort and your safety. The helmet that moves when you turn at a crossroads to check the arrival of vehicles from right to left is a sign that the size of your helmet is too large. On the contrary, a helmet that tightens your temples and face is not your size and after a while you will feel really tight.

The helmet must fit perfectly, it is important that the padding is not too tight on the cheekbones and not too tight on the temples as a parameter is right that the opening of the helmet is a little above the eyebrows.

The Adventure helmet:

The Adventure helmet is a variant of the full face helmet designed specifically for those who practice motocross.

This model, which fully protects the head and has a glass that can prevent splashes of water from dirtying it excessively or that the glass itself fades, are very light and practical to use and offer the opportunity to practice this type of sport without great difficulty.

The integrated sunshade also offers the opportunity to avoid the sunlight, or that of street lamps that illuminate a dirt road, can cause discomfort to the view of the motorcyclist, although at high speeds or in conditions where the wind blows strong, this curtain could create some small problem for the user.

The modular helmet:

The modular helmet is a perfect mix between a full face helmet and a jet helmet, manages to combine comfort and safety

It is perfect for use in the city or for excursions outside the city.

On the one hand you will have the opportunity to protect, completely and safely, the entire head and at the same time a good portion of the neck, while on the other hand the lightness of the materials, the ability to lift the visor and the opportunity to remove the padding are all features that increase the comfort of this model of helmet, second only to the full one in terms of safety.

The modular helmet can provide you with good soundproofing and a relatively light weight.

There are really many models of this type of helmet, different weights, different materials and different models is important to choose the right one for your use

The Jet helmet:

This type of helmet is designed for the needs of the city, that is, it is suitable for all those who drive at low speeds and who want to have a good degree of protection.

Characterized by the presence of the visor, which can be easily lifted during the summer, this particular model of helmet is characterized by being less resistant than the full face, so not as safe as you might think at first.

The choice must therefore fall on the possibility of having a less heavy and bulky tool on the head, the lightness can be detrimental to safety.

Compared to heavier types of helmets such as full face or modular, the helmet Jet leaves uncovered the lower part of the face, jaw, but it is not necessarily necessary to have a frontal collision.

These are all the different types of helmet models, which are distinguished by unique technical features that can turn them into ideal tools for any occasion, although the full and modular models are the best in terms of safety.

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Best motorcycle rain suit: guide

Motorcycle rain suits are particularly advantageous for those who have to face a journey under the impact of rain that can really be an obstacle to our driving. That’s why wearing clothes that can protect us from the rain and wind is an optimal solution. In the choice of the best rain suit, however, comes into play the factor of fit that is as important as that of the material chosen for the construction of the suit.

The suit must fit perfectly and therefore must guarantee maximum comfort. It must also be able to ensure good visibility on the road so they are often made with bright colors such as yellow or bright green. Below you will find a guide to buying the best bike rain suit currently on Amazon. What is your favorite model?

Rain bike, here are the best bike suits:


This model of the PACIFIC H20 is very much appreciated by online users as it does not simply have a very good integrated protection system but is something more seen and considered its exceptional fit. In fact, it fits perfectly ensuring maximum comfort. From a structural point of view, it can rely on a long diagonal zipper, but above all on a high quality fabric such as nylon that completely covers the interior, preventing the body from being attached to the garments below under the weight of the rain.

In the end, we are dealing with a 100% waterproof suit, breathable but also very practical by virtue of its excellent fit. Among the strengths stands out the presence of a pocket in the upper part of the leg as well as the placement of reflective panels on the shoulders and lower part of the legs to ensure absolute visibility. Bearing in mind that the PACIFIC H2O has created for those who are looking for a model with which to stand out more on the road another version completely in yellow neon high visibility.


If you are looking for a complete rain suit this model is for you. In fact, we are in front of a suit including jacket and trousers with which to protect themselves from the rain safely and reliably. Particularly interesting is the structure of this external polyester protection with a windproof and waterproof character. It allows you to protect yourself from water thanks to the presence not only of valid taped seams on the entire neck included but also of a waterproof cover on the central zipper characterized by the combined use of velcro and zip to isolate the entire area concerned. The list of its advantages is completed by a series of interesting features such as the reflective inserts on the legs and back, as well as the Velcro adjustment of the ankles to adapt the suit to your needs, up to the maxi bellows at the ankles to facilitate dressing and the corresponding comfortable ergonomic hood foldable positioned in the neck area.

Full Waterproof Suit Anti Rain Water High Visibility Reflective

This integral rain suit stands out for the quality of the materials chosen for its construction. In fact, they are 100% waterproof (AcquaKill). It also stands out for the protective effectiveness of its components, protecting the user from both rain and wind, being able to rely on a group of seams of reinforcement and heat-sealed character. For this model sizes XS to 3XL are available in fluorescent yellow.

The number of users relying on this integral rain suit is growing, ensuring better visibility on the road. What impressed us most about this model is not only its comfortable fit and ease of use but also a number of structural aspects that improve its performance: from the presence of the waterproof bag included to keep the garment after use to that of elasticated cuffs and drawstring waist adjustment, from pants with ankle belt with velcro fastening and zip to the practical external pockets for storing documents.

Rain Suit Waterproof Suit Man Woman Hood Blue XL

Are you looking for a complete model that at the same time provides total protection from rain and wind? Well then, this suit is just right for you. It is able to ensure maximum protection by virtue of the technical quality of its high-strength materials. In fact, it can rely on a waterproof fabric with reinforced seams. Its design is totally ergonomic, as well as having external front pockets and an internal pocket. It’s really hard to let rain in as its coating is 100% waterproof polyester especially inside where there are reinforced and sealed seams.

Generic Black Rain Suit For Motorcyclists Peach with Reflective Piping Free Size, Men’s Pants and Waterproof Jackets

When you buy a rain suit you have to consider the quality of its fit because very often are chosen fabrics that provide strong protection but at the same time are uncomfortable and annoying to the touch. Obviously, this is not the case of this model, which is light, but above all durable and water-resistant, thanks to a series of expedients in the weft of the fabric with a lining made of Oxford cloth material with integral PVC coating. The list of its structural advantages is completed by the relative dimensions of the suit with a trouser length of 107.5 cm / 42.3in, a coat length of 79 cm / 31in and a sleeve length of 76 cm / 30in.

Best Motorcycle Rainproof: Which one to buy ?

For motorcycle enthusiasts there are numerous models on the market of rain protection specially designed to protect them from water in the event of a thunderstorm during a motorcycle trip. In this regard, choosing one of the best rainproof motorcycles on the market is not an easy task considering the amount of jackets available on the market. For this reason we have prepared for you a purchase guide to help you in choosing a good rainproof motorcycle.

What is the best motorcycle rainproof?


For many, this model is synonymous with guarantee because of the materials chosen for its construction. To this end, Tucano has opted for fabrics that guarantee maximum waterproofing, offering a 100% efficient model consisting of a set that includes a rainproof jacket and trousers. The lightweight nylon with which it was made also ensures a certain amount of breathability.

Ideal: for those who are looking for a complete rainproof and able to ensure a strong protection to the rain.

Strengths: stands out for the quality of its materials that promote greater breathability thanks to the taped seams and reflective inserts with reflective band on the back that help to ensure good safety on the road.

Waterproof Motorcycle Rain Suit Jacket with Black Hood L

This model of motorcycle suit differs from its competitors for the high resistance assured. In this context, the merit is more of its materials chosen specifically to ensure a high level of protection, especially in the face of a sudden thunderstorm. In fact, this model protects the motorcyclist, thus avoiding getting wet because of the waterproof fabric with reinforced seams.

Ideal: for those who are looking for a model that is able to ensure maximum protection of the rain at any speed of the bike. In this sense, it is perfect for those who have to travel long distances. It is also suitable for those who need a comfortable and practical rainproof because of its ergonomic design but also for the presence of its external front pockets, the internal pocket, equipped with excellent seams inside reinforced and sealed.

Strengths: stands out for the high quality of its materials from which derives the efficiency of its ultra-waterproof character.


Among the various rainproofs in circulation, a separate chapter must be dedicated to the Tucano Parabellum, which according to many has in itself a series of particularly interesting features to the point of considering it one of the best in circulation. Carefully analyzing this model, what immediately catches the eye is the quality of the material chosen to coat the long jacket from the inside. In this sense, the nylon fabric wraps the motorcyclist up to the calf, ensuring a polyurethane waterproofing, favored by taped seams, an ergonomic hood folded into the neck that ensures comfort and safety.

Ideal: for those who are looking for a model able to stand out for its structural qualities that therefore affect the quality of its operation. Suffice it to say that it has been fitted with reflective inserts with the aim of making the journey safer on motorcycles.

Strengths: the advantages of this model are many: from the minimum encumbrance guaranteed to the opening along the entire length, up to its closure anti-flapping on the calf. If we then add that this model can be easily adapted regardless of its size, it is natural that it is considered one of the best on the market precisely because of its functional advantages.


Choosing this model means relying on an absolutely waterproof rain suit. In addition, it is extremely easy to wear thanks to the elastic around the waist and wrists. Consequently, we can put it on at any time and with extreme speed even as soon as it starts to rain.

Ideal: for those who are looking for a unisex model with a complete character.

Strengths: it stands out for its high resistance. As a result, it is perfect for those who need a model that is 100% waterproof.

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Best motorcycle boots: guide to buying

Choosing one of the best motorcycle boots currently on the market is not an easy task considering the wide and varied catalog of models available online. In addition, each of these boots is distinguished by a series of structural features that in fact go to diversify the increasingly wide and articulated offer.

What are the best models of motorcycle touring boots?

1. Motorcycle Boots Model Protectwear

This model of touring motorcycle boots is particularly popular for its shape and design, but especially for the materials with which they were made. They are half-height motorcycle boots characterized by two zippers to facilitate the footwear and the removal of the same after using them. They stand out for their water-repellent character. As for its materials: they are covered externally with leather. These boots are available for these sizes: 41,42,43,44,45,46,47, whereas for the 43 a total height of 23 cm is expected, together with that of the sole of 21 cm. In its totality this model weighs 1.9 Kg. What struck us most was the comfort they provide despite the massive structure. They are able to keep your feet warm without making them sweat.

Ideal: for those who are looking for an attractive model in shape and design, but above all that is extremely efficient in terms of safety and comfort.

Strengths: If you use the bike at night you will notice that there are many reflective bands perfect for traveling with poor lighting conditions. Therefore, although they are not very beautiful to look at during the day, they are useful at night.

Weaknesses: Among its limits, there is a low smoothness in the fit due to a side zip a little too rigid and because of the material with which it has been coated on the outside. For this purpose, we recommend a waxing pass to facilitate the footwear.

The offer seems to us advantageous not so much for the minimal difference with its factory price, but for its actual potential in terms of performance. The reduced smoothness mentioned above is compensated with a proven practicality of use

2. Motorcycle Boots Model XTRM 801

This model stands out for its excellent price/performance ratio which is combined with other improvements really interesting as its breathable character thus ensuring a more comfortable footwear in many respects. These boots are really good and are particularly recommended for those who practice motorcycle tourism because of its typical measures of this type of touring activity (from heel to top of boots is 10/Half inch “or 27 cm by 28 cm). A separate chapter should be dedicated to the design of the resistant tread whose presence raises the stakes.

Ideal: for those looking for a water-resistant model that is particularly comfortable thanks to its padded backrest. In addition, this product makes the instep more flexible.

Strengths: this model is characterized by numerous protections such as the ankle or toe reinforced to ensure a good level of performance.

Weak points: the presence of different protection systems can negatively affect its weight and therefore its lightness. Surely this model is one of the safest in circulation, but in some circumstances the foot appears heavier. The above mentioned comfort is assured up to a certain point. If you hold the boot for a longer time than its use you will notice immediately that it tightens a little too much. For this reason, you need to choose a larger size than the actual size of your feet so as not to be caged and thus compromising the freedom of movement at the wheel of the bike.

Available sizes: EU 37 – UK 3 and EU 47 – UK 13

3. Motorcycle touring boots Model A-PRO

This model of motorcycle touring boots is of high quality as can be seen from its structure made of materials with proven resistance. From the aesthetic point of view they have an ergonomic design and rounded but above all reinforced tips. To increase the anti-slip effect, the notched tread soles are structured differently than the boots of the same category. This model is compatible for these sizes: foot length (28cm) – feet (10.2cm).

Ideal: for those who are looking for a safer model but above all more manageable and practical to use. They fit perfectly as a product capable of guaranteeing maximum grip.

Strengths: stands out for its valid and special protections on the tibia, heel and ankle. Also inside, to promote a feeling of comfort, we will find particularly comfortable polyester padding to make a motorcycle ride enjoyable.

Weaknesses: the side zip closure does not ensure maximum efficiency as shown by the numerous feedbacks released on the product sheet inserted on the official Amazon website. Among its limitations, there are also some flaws from a structural point of view, given that according to some users, after a few hours in motion, the rubber of the boots is consumed. With regard to this report, we can simply state that everything depends on the relative maintenance, which determines the durability of the product over time.

Available sizes: 40,41,42,43,44,45,16

Consequently, choosing the most suitable model for your needs can be difficult if you are not familiar with the product and more general with the world of motorcycles. In such a context it is difficult to understand what can be an advantage or what is instead to be considered a weak point. To overcome this possible confusion, especially among newbies, we decided to come and meet you by offering you a list with the best models on the known Amazon e-commerce platform. Each was presented with a detailed and complete description.

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