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How to choose motorcycle bags: features and models

For lovers of two wheels, the choice of motorcycle bags is always a very important moment, especially when you are planning long trips such as summer vacations. In fact, there are different types of motorcycle luggage on the market and, in order to be sure to use those really suitable for your needs, it is important to consider different aspects. Rigid, semi-rigid, soft, motorcycle side bags have different characteristics that make them more or less adaptable to various types of motorcycles, without forgetting the aspects related to the frame, ease of installation and resistance. Let’s discover some of the best solutions to leave safely with a complete luggage.

Important Features of Motorcycle Bags

When you have to buy a motorcycle bag, there are several aspects to consider in order not to fall into a wrong purchase. One of the first points to consider is precisely the type of motorcycle on which the bag will be mounted: all motorcycles can be equipped with side best quality cases, but if for a road enduro are more suitable rigid, naked and sport touring bags are better suited for use with soft or semi-rigid bags.

Once considered this point, you can then go into more detail of the individual products, going to evaluate the capacity of the bag, the material with which it is made, but also the system of attachment to the bike. If we are planning long trips that require more substantial luggage, the choice will necessarily fall on the most capacious motorcycle bags, perhaps equipped with different pockets both inside and outside, which will allow us to comfortably carry everything we need, from spare parts to clothing to accessories for taking pictures and so on. From the point of view of materials, however, it is important to consider that not all motorcycle bags are waterproof, so be careful to choose the right model if you plan to move in rainy periods or, however, to be able to come into contact with water easily.

Soft Motorcycle Side Bags: Advantages

Soft motorcycle side bags are definitely the lightest and easiest to install and, for this reason, are often preferred to travel in a more comfortable way. The main advantages of this type of bag are linked to the reduced weight, the lower cost compared to rigid suitcases and the ease of assembly and disassembly, however, the disadvantages also relate to these same aspects: soft bags are in fact more easily subject to theft, precisely because they can be removed with extreme ease, and, except for the use of special stronger materials and special covers, generally do not ensure perfect waterproofing.

Among the soft motorcycle bags you can find different models, which can also be purchased at quite affordable prices, well below 100 The SHAD SL20F, for example, is a motorcycle tank bag of excellent quality, with 20-30 liters capacity, reflective elements to increase safety and a top compartment for maps, tablet, GPS, with touch screen. It is fastened by straps fixed to the frame and handlebars.

With amounts just over 100 instead, you can instead take home excellent side bags, such as the SHAD SL58, which allow you to reach higher capacity than tank bags (46-58 liters, with the possibility of expansion) and to have several accessories for a safer fixing and transport always comfortable.

Aluminium Motorcycle Cases: Advantages

Different is the speech with regard to aluminum cases for motorcycles and rigid bags. The main advantage of these products is surely that of having a greater solidity and safety in transport phase, however these bags require the assembly of an auxiliary frame that is fixed permanently to the motorcycle, creating therefore a greater encumbrance and a higher weight also during the running phase. More waterproof than soft bags, rigid motorcycle cases can still let water in if the seals are not large enough, for this reason it may be advisable to use internal bags to protect more luggage.

In particular, aluminum motorcycle cases are called “panzer”: as you can imagine, they represent the most “extreme” solution from every point of view. On the one hand, these suitcases guarantee maximum strength and protection for luggage, on the other hand they reduce the aerodynamics of the vehicle, weigh a lot and do not present a particularly enviable aesthetics.

Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle Backpacks

Choosing the right motorcycle backpack can be quite easy and, at the same time, challenging.

It is worth considering a number of factors that you should pay attention to in order not to be wrong when choosing the right model.

Basic tips on how to choose a  backpack for a motorcycle.

Your body

What do we mean by “your body”? Well, in reality, it means your figure and body size, these parameters are very important. Different backpacks are better or worse, depending on the different body types. A particular aspect to consider is the size of the hip.

Although some backpacks are equipped with adjustable hip straps, not all market models will be comfortable for you, even with straps. That’s why you should choose a motorcycle backpack that suits your size well. Choosing a backpack that fits your waist size will have a big impact on the comfort of your trip, reducing the pressure on your back.

– How often do you use your motorcycle?

If you are a “professional” motorcyclist and you firmly believe that one day you are lost without riding a motorcycle, you will definitely need a stronger and more durable motorcycle backpack.

Do not save on quality: only the best backpacks will survive on all these trips, long distances, routes, etc.

– What do you want to carry inside?

This is undoubtedly another important issue.

Do you need secure storage for all your motorcycle equipment, such as a helmet and gloves?

Do you travel by bicycle every day to the office and need a special compartment for a laptop?

How about storage space for spare shoes?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should definitely look for a  motorcycle backpack, equipped with the corresponding specialized departments.

However, keep in mind that some models have special storage space for a laptop inside, they may not be suitable for a helmet and vice versa.

You may have to commit: choose a backpack that contains what you need most.

Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to find a model that can comfortably place all your belongings.

– Where are you on your motorcycle?

Do you live in an area where it rains often?

Or maybe you live in a city where there is a lot of sand and heat?

The durability of the backpack and resistance to external factors, such as sun and rain, is an important factor, especially if you tend to drive in difficult weather conditions.

You simply cannot expect a cheap normal backpack to cope with numerous off-road trips or fast races. These backpacks do not live more than a couple of months or even weeks.

However, even daily trips to the scorching sun can greatly affect the condition of your backpack.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose a backpack that stays and does not suffer, even in extreme weather conditions.

– Design

And last but not least, the design.

This is certainly a very important element that determines the beauty of a backpack and a motorcycle.

Some backpacks are designed specifically for bikers and therefore have an improved aerodynamic design, suitable for high-speed driving.

Other backpacks are a bit more versatile and are designed to fit road motorcycles, which makes them the best companions for long trips.

Visual appeal is obviously important too. Without a doubt, you will be much happier if you carry an elegant backpack and not something repulsive to the eyes.

Backpack suitable for the Scooter

Here are some tips on how to choose a backpack just for a scooter.

Here we will move away from the peculiarities of such transport.

The scooter is small in size, has a relatively small speed of low power.

It requires a small and lightweight backpack since the scooter is not designed for heavy loads and will have reduced speed and greater engine load.

Also keep in mind that if you have a trunk on a scooter, then, behind your back, a large backpack will be very uncomfortable.


Motorcycle backpacks have certain characteristics, unlike ordinary backpacks.

We offer leading brand products that produce products specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts.

They will allow you to comfortably enjoy a steel horse.

Whatever the two-wheeler transport you use and the preferences you have, if you want to buy a motorcycle backpack, be sure to spend at least some time studying the backpacks and choose the one that best suits your expectations.

We sincerely hope that with our help you will make the best decision!

See you on the road!

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Best motorbike lock: which to buy?

There is no worse pain for the motorcyclist (and the scooterist) than going back to the parking lot of your vehicle and finding it desolate empty.

Yes, insurance helps a bit, but it is your bike that is no longer there and nothing can ever really console you with the loss. And whick lock to buy? Check jfrankhenderson reviews site to find out.

That’s why each of us works hard to defend the bike or scooter with one or more anti theft devices that can give him back some security in the use of the parking lot. Among the devices that can defend our good and that are always part of the burglar alarms in use, the disc lock deserves a prominent position.

The ability to immobilize the wheel with a small tool, easy to store in the saddle or in the case and the wide variety of costs and models ranging from the cheapest to a few dozen euros up to more than a hundred of the most sophisticated, make the disc lock one of the most used burglar alarms for motorcycles and scooters.

But how to choose the safest disc lock and especially how to use it in the best way to ensure maximum safety for our bike?

How the disc lock works

The defensive function of the disc lock is mechanical: a pin, passing through the brake disc of the front or rear wheel, blocks its rotation, thus immobilizing the vehicle. Theoretically simple, mechanically effective. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Although the operation is in fact the one described, in reality each element of the disc-blocker is designed and built to perform the maximum capacity of defense of the vehicle on which it is installed. Let’s see in detail the elements of the blockadisco.

The locking pin

The locking pin is the part of the disc lock that fits into the holes of the brake discs and whose function is to prevent the rotation and therefore to lock the medium. The diameter of the pin has a great influence on the strength of the apparatus: the larger the diameter of the pin, the greater its strength.

When purchasing the disc lock it is therefore essential to check the shape of the discs and that the diameter of the holes in the brake disc are compatible with the diameter of the pin. Usually the insertion of the pin in the outer holes allows the choice of larger diameter pins.

However, if the bike is equipped with ABS, the ring nut may make it difficult to insert the pin in the holes. The best thing to do is to try the disc lock on your bike beforehand.

It must be able to enter easily while leaving no room for any maneuver of intrusions of objects that could be used to force the blocker.

The padlock for closing the disc lock

The locking pin, once inserted in the hole of the brake disc, is locked by the padlock. When choosing an effective disc lock, the lock type of the lock must be taken into account. The lock can have classic, tubular, bush, or ciphered keys. Absolute security does not exist and for each of these locks there is a way to break them in. However, we tend to say that a lock with keys with encrypted surfaces should be more demanding for the attacker, and therefore have a better deterrent function against theft.

The reminder lanyard of the disc-locker

The reminder lanyard is an accessory of the disc lock, but for a correct use of the device it is always better to use it.

The lanyard connects the disc-locker to the handlebar and its function is to remind us that we have inserted the disc-locker and that if we leave without removing it we will do damage to ourselves and to the bike.

Usually the lanyard is brightly coloured to help us notice it.

It also has a visual anti-theft function, not only to help us remember that before starting off with our bike we have to remove the disc lock, but also a “deterrent” for any malicious people who immediately notice that the anti-theft is on.

Shapes and dimensions of the disc lock

The shape and size of the disc-locker as a whole must be compact and must not allow thieves to force them by inserting levers or objects into the spaces between the pin and the padlock.

Not only are they risk-blockers with the classic rounded shape, but now on the market there are (for example ABUS 8077 disc-blockers) Rectangular shaped anti-theft devices with extendable pins so as to be compatible with a large number of motorcycles.

Different types of disc block material

Of course, all, or almost all, disc locks are made of steel, but not all steels are the same and never, as in this case, can the degree of quality make the difference.

For the strength of the pin is certainly not the same if it is made of hollow or full steel, if we are talking about a simple steel or a composite alloy that has undergone treatment to increase its resistance to various types of attack, both mechanical with resistance to drilling and torsion, and chemical with resistance to freezing with nitrogen.

The larger disc-blocks they offer are made of case-hardened, hardened, nickel-plated and chrome-plated steels.

Materials and treatments that make the burglar alarm particularly resistant to aggression with levers or hammers.

In addition to high-strength materials, the technology now offers additional security on the blockers, equipping them with an alarm.

I disc lock with alarm

They are commercially available disc locks with audible alarms. The disc lock, through a motion sensor is able to recognize when the vehicle is moved, and in that case activates a deterrent siren that can be effective against theft.

They are devices equipped with batteries and therefore need special care both to prevent discharge and consequent loss of effectiveness, and in positioning for use on the road. As they are sensitive to movement, a road with a lot of traffic could cause accidental unloading and unintentional activation.

Some models are equipped with a phone card and in case of activation are able to send SMS on your smartphone.

The disc lock as a whole is an effective burglar alarm if well chosen and well used.

Well chosen taking care to seek the quality of materials and technologies, and well used taking into account that its effectiveness is in blocking the vehicle but not in its immovability, and therefore its best effectiveness is for short-term stops and integration with other forms of burglar alarm that make the vehicle not removable in any way.

Fillable 1099-MISC Form

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Motoairbag: Airbag protector for motorcyclist

The Motoairbag® is an all-Italian product and is a device that can really save your life, but not only can it drastically reduce the damage caused by a collision

The Motoairbag® is an airbag system to be worn to ride a motorcycle, it is a wearable vest that in the event of a collision opens protecting the spine and of course also the organs from possible damage from impact.

There are various versions of Motoairbag® products and there are models that protect a larger area and not only the rear but also the chest.

The Motoairbag®

It is a pneumatic protection system, consisting of a protective bag that opens in case of need in 80/85 milliseconds

The Motoairbag® system is definitely a better system in terms of protection in the event of impacts than normal rigid devices.

This mechanical airbag in fact protects the body more completely from impacts more than normal back protectors and other devices that are very fast to wear, but in case of impact, all of us would like to be as protected as possible

How the Motoairbag® works

The Motoairbag® motorcycle airbag system has a mechanical recognition system.

A cable connected to the motorcycle and clearly connected to the airbag system continuously measures the distance between the rider and his motorcycle.

The mechanical and non-electronic system is certainly more reliable as it always works and even in situations of uncertainty.

The fact that it works even in situations of uncertainty certainly provides more complete protection, traumas are not always caused by the speed, but are often caused by what you hit regardless of the speed at which you hit

The mechanical solution is less expensive than much more complex and electronic systems, but the reliability is much higher.

The Motoairbag system is always active and requires no maintenance (except for an overhaul after 4 years).

In the event of an accident, the time between the collision of the motorcycle and the rider’s detachment occurs in the first 150 ms, then beyond 150 ms the rider collides with the vehicle.

The Motoairbag® opens in 80/85 ms and opens so quickly that it can anticipate the first impact of the body with surfaces that could cause damage.

When the airbag is inflated, the rider is protected at key points of the body.

The airbag will remain open for the next 30 seconds to protect the rider’s body from any shocks that may occur.

The Motoairbag® then deflates to allow the rescuers to intervene.

Motoairbag® certification

The Motoairbag® is a certified motorcycle airbag, there are also non-certified airbags on the market.

As of 2013, a standard for uniform testing of pr motorcycle airbags has been in force and is called EN1621/4:2013.

This certification was created to uniformly assess the validity of airbags in order to have a single standard and prevent each company testing its devices in a different way

These tests evaluate a number of device features such as materials, inflation time, impact tests, protection life time and deflation time

The motoairbag has obtained level 2 of EN1621/4:2013 certification because it has obtained an impact value of 1.4 kN which is an excellent result since the maximum permissible level for this type of protectors is 2.5 kN

On the purchased device you will find the label showing the certification passed by the Motoairbag® device.

Motoairbag® maintenance

The motoairbag can be recharged very easily by you or an authorized dealer.

The mother company sells the canisters to refill the device.

Caution: In the event of an impact or collision, the airbag must not be recharged as the airbag device may be damaged. In the event of a collision, it is advisable to have the device serviced by the parent company or by an authorised dealer. If the airbag has not been damaged, you can refill it by replacing the canister.

The airbag can be washed (only the fabric part) as it is possible to detach the actual airbag part from the fabric part only.

Motoairbag® models

The Motoairbag® product range ranges from entry level models such as the VZero to track rider airbags such as the VRace 2.0.

MAB vZero

The Motoairbag® vZero is a system that provides the airbag system at the back, in the event of an impact can protect the back, neck and coccyx

It is available in a single size and is adaptable to different sizes thanks to the shoulder straps and belt that makes it adaptable to different sizes and different types of jackets.

the MAB vZero is available in three fluo, Camo and Grey colour variants

The MAB vZero is made of Cordura, a very strong and light material.

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Arched padlock for motorcycles

Unfortunately, in the reality in which we live, where thefts are a very frequent occurrence, it is the case to be equipped with tools that make it at least more difficult, for thieves, the attempt to steal a motorcycle.

Among the most used anti-theft devices there is the arched padlock, a very useful deterrent against theft, considering also that an attacker should lose much more time, to try to take away a bike that has a padlock installed. In addition, the arched padlock is much more practical to handle than a traditional chain padlock, being a single piece that should not be rolled up for storage.

The arched padlock for motorcycles

The rigid arc U-shaped padlock (also known as bloster or U-lock), is a mechanical burglar alarm, among the most used for motorcycles.

It is a very useful system, which offers a high degree of security, even its solid appearance discourages theft, suggesting a high resistance compared to any attempt to break into. There are different types of arched padlocks on the market, of different sizes and weights; a well made product must be manufactured and finished with materials of excellent quality.

As for the mechanism, a padlock built according to appropriate criteria must not have a very visible play between the various parts: between the arc and the body, between the body and the barrel, between the pistons and the key. In fact, an arch that is not stable enough lends itself to being violated more easily.

How to install the arc padlock

An arched padlock, which is suitable for the purpose for which it was designed, must not be difficult to use; in fact, one of the characteristics that makes its use so widespread is precisely the ease and speed with which it is installed, in addition to the resistance to shocks and any tampering.

It must be positioned taking care not to leave much space inside the arc, which could encourage the introduction of a lever or a jack, to force it.

Moreover, it is much easier to cut with cutters, if it touches the ground, as it offers a point of support, so it is good that the padlock is positioned so as to remain suspended. The elongated shape of the arched padlock makes it possible to insert a braking disc into the empty spaces; in this way it will also be easy to remove it.

It is possible to lock the wheel, with the arched padlock, also by passing it through the fork or the swinging arm. To open (and close) an arched padlock, simply insert the supplied key into the lock and turn it over; then remove the arc to be fixed to the bike.

The ideal way to install an arc padlock is to position it by fixing the bike to an external support that acts as an anchor point, but it is not always possible, because of the size of the arc in length, which could prove too short for this type of solution. A very interesting service, offered by some companies that sell the burglar alarm system, is the one that allows you to download, via the Internet, the instructions for the installation of the product, simply by entering, in a search field prepared, the number of the article purchased and its code.

The materials of the arc padlock

The strength of an arc padlock in terms of security is undoubtedly its high resistance to arc cutting due to its large thickness. This corresponds to the real function of the tool only if it is made of materials suitable for the purpose.

The body of the padlock, for example, must be made of hardened steel or brass; if it were made of iron or light alloys, despite the size of the arc, it would be easy enough to cut, in case of theft.

With regard to the arc, which is the part of the tool most exposed to the attempt to burglary, the best material with which it can be produced is steel, hardened and cemented. Hardening is what increases its mechanical strength, and consists of bringing the metal to high temperatures, and then cool it quickly.

The cementation of the surface, on the other hand, serves to improve its resistance to cutting and is carried out with a carbon enrichment of the surface itself. The more resistant padlocks have an arc with a square section, so as to provide greater resistance to the blades of a shear, which can more easily cut a round section; in fact, for an arc of this kind, it is necessary to cut in two points, to be able to remove it, rather than on a single point, as for circular shapes.

A quality product is made with an arc of adequate size (not less than 16 mm) and with very resistant materials: The internal mechanism must also be manufactured to withstand tearing.

Together with the resistance that a padlock shows against break-in attempts, it is important that it is also guaranteed to last over time, so that, in addition to the hardening and cementing process, chemical treatments are carried out; copper plating prepares the material for the subsequent nickel plating, followed by chrome plating: in this way, the arc padlock is given resistance against oxidation and corrosion.

It is important that the arched padlock is placed so as to make the lock difficult to reach, being a weak point of any type of anti-theft device of this kind, as it lends itself to being violated with some ease, especially if it is in a position to allow you to settle a blow of the hammer. The safest lock for an arched padlock is the one with a tubular shape, which makes it very difficult to drill.

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Best gloves for motorcycles: buying guide

When selecting the best gloves for motorcycles, a series of evaluation criteria come into play, which are decisive for making a targeted and intelligent choice. Therefore, before illustrating the technical and functional characteristics of the best models currently on the market, it is necessary to clarify what are the aspects that contribute to define a good model from a poor one. First of all, we assume that the choice of gloves depends to a large extent on the season in which they are to be worn.

In particular, those who are looking for gloves to be used throughout the year should opt for models with good thermal performance with the aim of facing the winter calmly. If you are looking for a pair of gloves to be used occasionally, such as in summer, you should prefer a more breathable model to avoid the effect of sweaty hands. Regardless of the season, the level of waterproofness of the gloves must be optimal, because the rain can come in any climate and in that case the hands must always be dry because in the end they are the parts most exposed during the race in motion. In addition, in the careful analysis of the factors to be taken into account to make the best purchase for your needs, you must also consider what is the level of performance in the event of a fall.

In this sense, the impact shields must necessarily be made of a solid and robust material, but at the same time it must also be as light as carbon fiber. In this sense, it is necessary to opt for models that wrap the entire length of the fingers without forgetting the palm, which is the part that will have the greatest impact on the ground, especially if you try to protect yourself with an instinctive gesture. In this regard, as far as the safety factor is concerned, it is necessary to evaluate the state of the grip on the controls of the bike, which obviously must be perfect to counteract the strong adversities of the weather such as a violent rain. For this reason the closures must be as compatible as possible to the hand, especially those on the wrist that must be kept tight and therefore must not give in, otherwise there is a risk that the glove slips off just when it is required maximum protection.

What are motorcycle gloves for?

Often people tend to think that this type of accessory is only aesthetic and that it has no particular function.

In reality, however, this type of article manages to be quite functional and able to respond perfectly to some of their needs, such as avoiding that the knobs of the bike can cause damage to their hands.

With the passing of time the same bike could cause small damages to the hands but thanks to gloves it will be possible to avoid this kind of situation can occur.

Another type of advantage is the fact that this simple accessory can make it more enjoyable to take a ride on board the bike as the gloves also avoid that sweat can be synonymous with less safe grip on the bike.

This first set of qualities represents the reason why this kind of accessory must necessarily be exploited.

Motorcycle gloves keep hands warm and protect against falls

In addition to being a perfect accessory from an aesthetic point of view, the type of gloves for winter motorcycles can offer maximum protection to the hands as the cold will not cause any damage to them, ensuring that the skin can be completely protected.

It will therefore be possible to have perfect hands even if you use the bike regularly and on a daily basis.

In addition to this type of value, it should also be stressed that, in the event of a fall, the gloves protect their hands perfectly, preventing them from being damaged in any way, such as cuts and scratches.

It will therefore be necessary to take into account all these particular elements so that you can understand how important gloves are to protect the hands during the outings in motion.

Obviously it is also necessary to understand if there are differences between the different models and how to make a perfect choice that actually manages to make the use of the same gloves enjoyable.

Summer gloves for motorcycles and winter gloves

There are two large families of motorcycle gloves, winter gloves and summer gloves, which represent two groups that need to be carefully analyzed given the differences between the different models.

The summer ones are generally made with a breathable fabric that allows to avoid the excessive heat can increase sweating and make sure that the hands themselves can be subject to irritation of all kinds.

It will therefore be possible to have a high level of protection for your hands without having to feel that feeling of discomfort that could be unpleasant and make the situation less pleasant than expected.

Another type of advantage that you can get with summer gloves is that they have a good grip: being thinner you can then better hold the various objects in your hand.

The winter models, on the other hand, are characterized by a thicker fabric that has the purpose of keeping the hands warm but without having a negative impact on the grip that you will have on the bike.

This will always be at the highest level and will ensure that you have total control of the bike: at the same time the winter gloves have a top coating that provides the opportunity to have a superior protection on the hands.

In addition, the winter gloves will ensure that your bike can be driven with greater precision precisely because every part of the body, including the hands, will be warm, avoiding irritation of any kind.

Consequently, the differences are to be found in the composition of the fabric, which must be taken into account in such a way that it is possible to avoid negative situations of any kind.

Choosing motorcycle gloves

When choosing gloves, it is necessary to take into account various parameters such as, for example, the quality of the fabric and the size of the gloves, which must be comfortable enough and not create problems of any kind to their hands, so that the use of this tool can be defined as optimal from every point of view.

This detail must be accompanied by the style of the gloves, which must necessarily be pleasant to look at and free of any aesthetic defect.

Thanks to these parameters it will be possible to obtain a perfect final result and prevent a series of complications that may be less pleasant than expected to live.

This is therefore what you need to know about motorcycle gloves, a necessary tool for perfect exits in your vehicle.

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Anti-theft devices for motorcycles

Let’s say right away that two wheels are a necessity but also and above all a passion. A passion that is not too cheap because, whether it is a scooter or a motorcycle, the prices of these means of locomotion are increasingly close to those of small machines.

The problem of the theft of two wheels has different effects in the various Italian regions, however, is widespread and difficult to combat.

The deterrent means that can be used are those known and range from the disc lock, the chain, the most advanced satellite burglar alarm.

Buying the most suitable motorcycle for our needs is inevitable even if we own a box or garage for the night shelter of the vehicle.

The pitfalls arise everywhere, even during the day and unfortunately also during shortstops in the city center.

Many people think that it is a waste of time to put a blockadisco for a single hour of shopping at the mall. Instead, those 10 seconds can be worth the full price of our bike.

We would also like to point out that many insurance companies are not prepared to pay full compensation for theft if it is not shown that they have adequately protected the vehicle with an anti-theft system.

The advice, therefore, is not to be taken in by laziness and to always insure our motorcycle before we leave.

Before proceeding with the purchase of our burglar alarm we can take our cue from reading this short article that evaluates the characteristics, pros and cons of the main motorcycle burglars currently on the market.

Satellite burglar alarm for motorcycles

The heated debate on the effectiveness and efficiency of the satellite burglar alarm is continuing at a fast pace. It seemed to be the solution to all the problems but, over time, it has revealed some weaknesses that are still unresolved from a technological point of view.

The mechanism behind the satellite burglar alarm is to place a “black box” inside the bike and then connect the card and the GPS signal to other devices such as, for example, our mobile phone.

The sensors connected to the “black box” are programmed to detect a series of parameters of the bike and when these are altered, a signal, or warning message, is sent to the connected device.

The main limit of the system is the GPS, which may not receive a signal or be deliberately shielded, thus being totally useless.

However, the device has some advantages. To begin with, it is an excellent deterrent and could really help us to find the stolen bike.

But most of all, the incentive to buy this system is in the reduction of insurance costs. The price ranges to buy one range from 50 euros up and the installation can almost always be done independently.

Let’s not forget to carry out the preliminary tests before considering it perfectly installed.

Disc lock

The disc lock is the most popular system thanks to its small size and practicality of use. It is a type of padlock with cylinders to measure the hole in the disc that, once positioned and closed, blocks the movement of the wheels.

It can be put on and off in just a few seconds and its size allows it to be carried anywhere, the smaller models also fit comfortably in the trouser pockets.

It’s always a key system and easy to hack for a theft professional. Recently, an Italian company patented a magnetic disc lock with built-in soundproofing.

The mechanism is the same as the traditional one but there are no keys that can open it so much that they are not even sold with the device. The “key” is a small magnetic device that, when placed next to the lock, can intervene on the internal systems to open it.

The disadvantage of the disc lock is that the bike can be lifted and loaded onto another vehicle without intervening on the protection system.

Chains for motorcycles

Let’s move on to the oldest system that has always combined all the advantages of the anti-theft devices seen up to now, the chain for motorcycles.

Now on the market there are several sizes and features. You can choose chains with built-in padlock or removable.

Another element to consider before choosing one is the material with which the chain is made.

The most resistant is hardened and case-hardened steel. This mix offers good mechanical resistance to cutting and breaking.

Among the peculiarities of some models we would like to point out the chains with the so-called “loop” ends. One of the two end rings is slightly longer to allow us to pass one ring through the other. This creates a bottleneck that eliminates the space needed to insert a lever to break the padlock.

Compatible with the characteristics of the bike, we prefer the choice of a chain with a beautiful wide section, from 10 mm up.

The chain, as we have seen, works with the same principle as the wheel lock but allows us to tie our vehicle to fixed and immovable objects such as light poles or railings. In this way the bike can not be lifted and taken away on another vehicle.

The disadvantage of the chain is that its dimensions make it, in some cases, an object difficult to carry. Think of all those bikes that have no space under the saddle or are without a pannier or side bags. We should carry a chain in the bag or backpack, shouldering several kilos.

In the hope of finding ourselves soon to evaluate the effectiveness of a new burglar alarm for motorcycles that finally solves all the problems seen together, we recommend to always adopt prudent and preventive behavior not renouncing the purchase of a good burglar alarm for motorcycles, choosing from those that, for the moment, are available on the market and maybe deciding to use more than one.