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The motorcycle cover sheet

Every self-respecting motorcyclist loves their bike, for this reason it is essential to have a motorcycle cover sheet of excellent quality to cope with the winter weather and protect the bike from dirt but also from possible damage more or less serious that may result from an uncovered winter.

Given the variety of products on the market, there are many people who do not know how to orient themselves in choosing the best cloth to choose for the appropriate motorcycle, here is some useful advice.

The motorcycle cover to preserve the bike

The wisest choice during the winter period is to protect your bike with a high quality tarpaulin that allows you to repair the vehicle not only from the weather, but also from possible scratches to the body or mechanical damage caused by the cold.

To ensure the best results, manufacturers offer different types of motorcycle covers on the market, all more or less resistant, but with different main characteristics to meet the needs of many customers. The basic characteristics of the sheet are only two, first of all the resistance, the sheet must last throughout the winter season, protecting the vehicle from the weather, not only rain and wind, but also hail or snow that can corrode the body and paint of the motorcycle causing very expensive damage.

The sheet, possibly plush inside, must protect the bike from possible impacts, because often the winter shelter is a busy home and it is possible that someone can pass near it.

Very small objects such as twigs broken by the wind, can cause irreparable damage to the bike if not adequately protected by a good quality cloth.

The cloth plush inside is certainly one of the most recommended, regardless of the characteristics sought because it allows you to protect the bike from scratches during the assembly of the same.

Given the various models, it is essential to establish first of all a budget to filter all possible alternatives on the market, so as to be oriented to the models appropriate to the price established.

Then, depending on the type of bike, the problems to which it must be protected and the place where it will be stored, the main characteristics that the fabric must necessarily have can be identified.

Outdoor motorbike cover

The outdoor motorcycle cover sheet must have only one essential characteristic, which is resistance.

When you decide to leave your bike during the winter in an outdoor environment, you have to invest a large sum in the purchase of a high quality motorcycle cover that protects the vehicle from the weather, the wind but also the sun, and must therefore be very durable.

Usually this type of motorcycle covers are too rigid, to ensure high protection from the cold, this feature can lead during assembly to scratch the body unknowingly. When you buy an outdoor compression sheet, it is better to choose the model that has a soft coating inside to protect from scratches but also from the cold.

Prefer those models that also protect against UV rays, as these can damage the painting of the bike, and make sure that the size of the sheet is sufficient to cover the entire bike, including wheels. The best motorcycle covers must have more features: be waterproof, protect from UV rays and, not least, be easy to install.

The assembly phase is often neglected, but it is extremely important.

Some sheets, in fact, are not equipped with elastic bands and carabiners or weights that keep them still throughout the winter, so at the first gust of wind they are damaged exposing the bike to the elements. Therefore, make sure you prefer those models that can be well anchored to the bike, preserving it in excellent condition.

Rigid motorbike cover

The model of rigid motorcycle cover is often called rigid garage, it is a model of very strong cloth, suitable for those who do not have a place inside where to shelter the period during the bad season and run for cover buying this model.

Not always, the rigid motorcycle cover is the best solution, as it takes up a lot of space and if it is not mounted well following the instructions to the letter can fall damaging the body of the bike or even causing it to fall.

Essential feature of these sheets buy rigid motorcycles is the resistance, they must be waterproof and also protect from UV rays, you do not need the lining, because if mounted well, the sheet will not go to touch the bike.

This is a real box that can protect the bike from all kinds of danger, suitable for areas most affected by bad weather.

This model is certainly recommended for those who are forced to leave the bike outside in places not very sheltered, because it can protect it from any damage, less suitable for those who do not have so much space available or have a fairly protected shelter. The rigid motorcycle cover has a rather high cost justified by the quality of the product.

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