Indispensable Kitchen Tips

Cooking lunch or dinner at home is a sacred task for the hostess in the kitchen, and one that many enjoy nesco roaste oven review.

But there’s always the flip side of the medal: boiling oil, hot handles, onions and garlic make you cry, grease won’t come off the pan, etc. All of this can get a little frustrating and just take time. So how do you speed up the cooking process so that you can enjoy it and still clean up after yourself promptly and happily?

Cooking Tips

How to get the seeds out of your food

To get rid of the seeds from a zucchini or pumpkin, use an ice cream scoop. The shape of the ice cream scoop works great for that. That’s because it has a tapered edge. You can also use it to decorate finely chopped salads.

To get rid of excess fat

If you feel that the cooked dish was too rich, then this fat can be removed with ice and paper towel. To do this, you should put ice in the towel and run it over the surface of the dish. Ice will readily attract fat, like a magnet, and make it stick to the towel. But it’s worth considering that serving items such as silver cutlery sets should be cleaned more thoroughly after removing the grease, until they have a pristine shine.

Food film

Food film has a tendency to tear and cling, which greatly interferes with cooking. A word of advice: keep it in the refrigerator. When cold, the film will not let you down for sure.

Cleaning citrus fruits

Many people don’t like the splatter from a lemon or orange. To make this process “unruffled nerves” we suggest you put the product in the microwave for twenty or thirty seconds. After this, it will not be difficult to peel the citrus fruit.

Peeling Boiled Eggs

Not everyone is able to clean boiled eggs jewelically and beautifully. To do this, we suggest adding vinegar or baking soda to boiling water. When penetrating the shell, both substances interacting will facilitate the process of separating the shell from the egg itself.

Squeeze out the maximum

To get more juice out of the citrus fruit, you can again use the microwave oven. First, you should refrigerate the product and then put it in the microwave for half a minute. At the end of the “heating,” the citrus product will have warmed up, so it can give off as much juice as possible

How to grate cheese

Cheese tends to stick to the grater and reluctant to wash. In order not to do these usual things, you should first put the cheese in the freezer for half an hour. Once hardened, it will definitely not stick.

To make it easy to wash the grater, you can rub it with sunflower oil.

Onion tears

After peeling the onion, it should be put in the freezer for an hour. This will allow the vegetable to be safely sliced and will not cause discomfort in the eyes.


If you have a wooden spatula or spoon, you can not wait for the water to boil when boiling pasta. You just need to put it on top of the pot. This ensures that the foam that rises will not be able to spill over the edge.

Poultry can be cooked even faster

Baking chicken in the oven, you should put it on the breast part. Since there is more meat in the breast and being closer to the heat, it will bake more quickly

Paper and muffins

When you want to reheat pizza and baked goods in the microwave, we suggest you put a glass of water. The moisture that evaporates will keep the food you’re reheating from drying out.